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We are hiring Calling legal, marketing and sales professionals – we are hiring! If you would like to join our growing HQ team of multi-disciplinary experts on a mission to change the legal solutions industry so that it works better, for everyone, please check out our role specs. ‘This is a really exciting time to

In the news

In the news Thank you to the Irish Independent and Donal O’Donovan for yesterday’s interview with Johnson Hana CEO Dan Fox. Dan shares how he always felt suited to the commercial world, what drove him to establish Ireland’s first alternative legal solutions business and future ambitions for the Johnson Hana brand. “Time to debunk the

Five Key Tips to Managing A Data Subject Access Request

Five Key Tips to Managing A Data Subject Access Request A data subject access request (DSAR) from a customer, ex-employee or another party has the potential to distract your valuable business re-sources from their core duties, divert management attention and where obligations are not met, expose your company to reputational damage and financial penalties.  DSARs can be received from anybody who

A Front Row Seat To The Gig Economy

A Front Row Seat To The Gig Economy In 2020 it is very difficult to avoid the Gig Economy, such is its ubiquity. You can book holiday accommodation through Airbnb, and a taxi to the airport via Uber, Grab, MyTaxi, Hailo or even Fleet, to get you there on time with a minutes notice. Order

The impact of Schrems II on US data transfers

Schrems II and its effects on Data Privacy for US Based Companies Background Mr Schrems, an Austrian national and Facebook user, claimed that the United States does not offer adequate protection for his data transferred there, as required by European Union (EU) data protection regulations. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) sided with Schrems in

Employee Spotlight: Aisling Flynn

Employee Spotlight: Aisling Flynn Background: I am a qualified solicitor and have practiced for 3 years both in private practice and now in-house. My legal career started in Matheson where I spent 5 years, qualifying on to the Real Estate team. This decision was driven by the fast-moving practice area, the global top-tier clients and the

An Innovative Internship from an Innovative Company

Ted HalliganAn Innovative Internship from an Innovative Company COVID-19 has forced companies to take a radical new approach to how they do work. Overnight remote working from home became the norm. Other facets of the legal world have been profoundly affected too. For example, in legal education, the FE-1 Exams have been cancelled, the universities