Welcome to our new joiners

Welcome our new joiners!

We would like to warmly welcome Michael and Sean who have recently joined Johnson Hana. The Johnson Hana team expanded considerably through 2021 and that expansion is set continue with a range of new hires across the business as we move in to 2022. Michael Doran Michael joins Johnson Hana as Director, Managed Legal Services.

Join Johnson Hana

Join our Growing Team!

As Ireland’s only dedicated Alternative Legal Solution Provider (ALSP), Johnson Hana has experienced tremendous growth over the past year, and we are now expanding our team across a range of departments. We are currently seeking the following to join our vibrant team! Recruiter (apply here) 2 x Commercial Directors (apply here) Finance Manager (job spec

Why are legal costs high

Why are legal costs stubbornly high?

Why are legal costs stubbornly high? In short, because clients want them to be. It sounds counterintuitive, and it’s certainly not a conscious decision, but it does seem to be the case. This article examines why that is, what causes it, and what clients can do about it. The psychology behind pricing As discussed by

Is innovation just a buzzword

Is “innovation” just a buzzword?

In a recent interview with Law.com, Mike Haven, the new president of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), referenced the importance of innovation in legal providers, and how innovation was more inherent to Alternative Legal Solutions Providers (ALSPs), saying: “ALSPs, their business models are built on innovation, so that’s what they are really all about.”