Johnson Hana International was founded in 2015 to offer businesses
in Ireland their first high value alternative provider of legal services.

Law needed to Change

Our founder and members of the early JHI team started life as young lawyers in Ireland with little to no money. The environment in Ireland was unusual. There was all this legal talent and no one was being paid to possess it.

Others had become disillusioned by the long hours and inflexibility of conventional legal environments. The law was losing its high-quality talent to other professions, jurisdictions, industries and apathy.

We knew legal services had become outdated and spotted an opportunity to breathe life into an arena previously considered immune to change.

Driving a new legal culture

For many years the legal industry has operated without any truly compelling alternatives to conventional legal models. JHI is a missional company by nature and we are leading a movement which seeks to transform the legal industry for the better.

Changing the legal culture

Great Pay. Great Work.
Great Culture.

JHI was set up to utilise the talent of the Irish legal system, stabilise the future of young Irish lawyers, and drive a new innovative legal culture.

The model would be based on a philosophy that rewarded our lawyers for their skill.

Fast forward two years and a lot of hard work and JHI has evolved and grown to become the leading outsourced partner to some of the world’s biggest law firms and multinationals.

Leading a Movement

Today, we are Europe’s most innovative and high value provider of outsourced and alternative legal services, a hybrid provider of legal and technology services.

We are obsessed with our people and technology led solutions as the driver of value. We provide legal services that connect businesses with lawyers together with high value legal outsourcing solutions.

While we work with both law firms and industry clients, we ONLY work with partners that echo our values and innovative culture. We do law, we do technology and we insist on innovation. We do NOT do race to the bottom, we do NOT do low value legal services and we do NOT do inflexibility.


Trust & Accountability

We fundamentally believe that trust needs to be earned. We develop strong bonds with our partners through delivering on our promises, mutual respect and shared belief systems.

Our Values

Creation & Innovation

We are tired of old ways of law and devoted to a legal culture that promotes flexibility of working practice for our teams and innovative methods of quality service delivery for our clients. We believe that through human connection and empowerment, our customers and our people find value.

GROWTH & Costs

We drive value through bespoke solutions custom made to match the needs of individual customers. We devise and implement strategies that deliver sustained growth for our clients, allow them to tackle obligations head-on and reduce their costs.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a technology enabled alternative legal services provider. We combine legal talent, specialist technology solutions and dedicated data review centres or what we call our ‘Hana Houses’ in order to cut legal spend and drive business performance/ innovation.