Discovery is the process of disclosure and inspection of documentation relevant to a legal case. It is often the costliest and most time-consuming element of the litigation process.

Johnson Hana can assist with every stage of the discovery process to ensure that any review is completed in a manner that is efficient and cost effective. We engage highly skilled litigation consultants with the necessary experience to achieve this mandate.

We also provide the eDiscovery technology necessary to perform data analysis, online document review, project management and productions. Our customizable technology and flexible licensing model provides our clients the opportunity to scale and meet their needs around the world faster than any other application in the industry.

You can choose between hosting the platform on your own server, protected by your own firewall, or you can access the platform in our private AWS cloud environment, which employs cutting-edge security measures and round-the-clock monitoring to keep your files safe.

Either way, your data will be secure, and JH ensures you have 24/7 support. Alternatively, our litigation consultants have experience using the foremost eDiscovery platforms and can therefore seamlessly integrate into your current technology strategy.

Our consultants have a background in diverse areas of law and all are experts in assessing the relevance of documentation to a legal case. Our teams use a process led, professional and efficient approach to discovery management.