To make law attractive again. To make law flexible. To make law innovative. To make law inspiring.

The Vision

We believe that the legal world as we know it requires a profound change. We believe that today’s workforce can manage their obligations more effectively through a flexible, dynamic and varied system of delivery. Our vision is to build on the shift towards flexible working practices, by empowering businesses and lawyers to work together and collaborate in modern ways.

We work with over 1000 JHI Legal Consultants across Ireland and the UK and continue to grow as a result of our dynamic service model.

We want our lawyers to see the sun, we want our lawyers to enjoy the company of friends, to give our lawyers the flexibility to work their own hours from their own homes, from our dedicated JHI review centres or our ‘Hana Hubs’ and to start living again.

Innovation and Culture Focus

We seek to cement ourselves as the world’s most innovative and culture focused alternative legal service provider.

We seek to spearhead a new legal culture where flexibility, innovation and creativity take centre stage.

Flexibility, innovation and creativity

New Ways

Our clients embrace new ways of doing law in the knowledge that success and business growth will follow.

Who We Work With

Hungry for change

Our clients are agitated by the status quo, hungry for change and troubled by the idea of missed opportunities.

No Borders

Our clients understand that barriers to change deprive them of new opportunities and that borders do not and should not exist.