Deal with data access requests with help from a legal service provider

26-Oct-2017 07:00:00 / by jhana

In an age where information is so vital, companies possess huge amounts of personal data, and some individuals are starting to ask for their information back. As a result, data controllers must find cost- and time-effective ways of complying with subject access requests. Some organisations are benefitting from the support of an alternative legal service provider.

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Why outsource legal services to conduct Internal Compliance Reviews?

24-Oct-2017 07:00:00 / by Kevin Murray

Any actor who provides financial services is subject to the scrutiny of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and actively encouraged to conduct investigations of their own affairs when things go wrong. However, there are a few things you need to know about internal compliance investigations. In fact, some organisations choose to outsource legal services for this very task.

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Nine steps to prepare for GDPR in 2018: Are your legal services ready?

19-Oct-2017 07:00:00 / by Dan Fox

The new GDPR is getting plenty of press recently. From 2018, it will be applicable to any company that processes and stores personal data, irrespective of size. However, I think it would be a fair statement to suggest that many organisations are still very much unprepared, and in need of transparent legal services to help with their GDPR preparations. 

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The financial regulatory landscape after Brexit: Ireland vs the UK

17-Oct-2017 07:00:00 / by Richard Greene

Many financial services companies and international banks are considering a move from London to Dublin in light of Brexit. Here’s what they need to know about the financial regulatory landscape, and why flexible legal services could be invaluable.

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The Guy in Mumbai? Johnsonhana CEO Dan Fox on legal outsourcing in Gazette Aug/Sept 2016

22-Sep-2016 11:14:11 / by jhana

As the legal sector looks to the future, the identification and delivery of innovative legal services is becoming increasingly important. However, the provision of such legal services has yet to be embraced in Ireland in the same manner as in Britain and the United States, where the use of external legal providers to carry out routine legal work has become the norm.

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