How about a
nine to five
that’s not a
seven to twelve

Legal just got liberated

Legal team spread too thin?
We’re changing how the
legal world works.

We’re combining humanity alongside technology for legal leaders and legal talent
Legal just got liberated

We are the world’s most innovative, quality-focused Alternative Legal Solutions Provider

…and the first company of its kind operating in the Republic of Ireland.

We carry out legal process work, not legal advice. That means we can reduce our clients’ legal spend by over 50% while improving both the quality of output and transparency of the process.

About us

You didn’t study red tape, you studied law

Johnson Hana was built specifically to provide legal process work, that means you can free yourself of the red tape to focus on strategy and advice. We liberate busy law departments from process heavy work. Our tech, talent and delivery systems free up the potential trapped in out-dated processes, models and ways of working.

Legal team
spread too

We have the expertise and services you need.

We provide clients with expert lawyers, supported by innovative technologies, who work in accordance with focused project management methodologies.


Legal Operations Consulting

We provide Legal Ops and business consulting services to support GCs and in-house functions to keep pace with innovation.
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Legal Process Secondments

Boost your in-house legal team capacity with our flexible legal talent pool & get back to core work.
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Real Estate

We support clients on a range of real estate related matters, including large scale conveyancing transactions, lease review and title review and remediation projects.
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Discovery & Litigation Support

We provide technology enabled document review, identification, hosting, processing, and production, which are supported by experienced project managers, legally qualified professionals and specialised technology.
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Banking & Securitisation

We provide: KYC / AML support services, large scale loan portfolio due diligence and title remediation exercises, and other large-scale document reviews.
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Commercial Contracts

We work with clients to support them on their BAU contracting, either on a fully outsourced basis or by providing surge capacity to busy inhouse teams.
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Regulatory Compliance

We deliver projects to ensure that clients can meet regulatory deadlines, comply with new requirements and overhaul their compliance programs and documentation as required.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide Large-scale due diligence, integration support, contract review, template documentation, and engagement with counterparties.
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Data Protection

We support clients with data protection processes both to comply with requirements/ achieve best-practice and also in response to any actions.
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Record Requests

To help with DSARs, FOI requests, and AIE requests, we work with clients to review large volumes of documents, extract relevant information, redact all information requiring protection, whether personally identifiable, sensitive, or privileged.
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We work with some of the world’s most iconic brands


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