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Commercial Contracts

Business as Usual Contracting, and Contract Repapering / Remediation Exercises.

As the contracting process takes up more and more time for busy inhouse legal teams. Therefore bringing efficiencies to their approach to contracts and reducing overhead for internal resources is increasingly a priority.

Business as Usual Contracting

Organisations also have to balance the need for speed in the contracting process with the lack of capacity in their legal function, to achieve that speed without increasing organisational risk.

We have extensive experience helping clients to operationalise their contracting processes by implementing appropriate technology and creating and maintaining best in class contract playbooks and negotiating protocols.

We work with clients to support them on their “business as usual” (BAU) contracting, either on a fully outsourced basis or by providing surge capacity to busy inhouse teams. This helps clients to keep their inhouse teams fully focused on high value priorities, removing distracting, tedious low value contract work.

The processes and outsourced support that Johnson Hana provides enables clients to reduce costs, ensures compliance with contract SLAs and lowers risk by ensuring that a consistent approach is applied to all negotiations.

Repapering / Contract Remediation Exercises

Whether in response to the constantly evolving regulatory environment, general updates to standard terms or integrating contractual approach following M&A activity, organisations may find themselves facing large scale repapering and contract remediation exercises.

These projects place a huge strain on the organisation, requiring significant manual effort, as well as technology and project management to ensure deadlines are met and withstand regulatory scrutiny.

We provide end to end solutions to support these processes, comprising best in class contract review and lifecycle technology, counterparty outreach, negotiation subject to agreed parameters and defined approval workflows, project management and subject matter experts.

As we have completed numerous such projects across multiple practice areas and regulatory changes, clients can concentrate on their core work, assured that their complex contract review is in good hands.

Contract Remediation Process

Contract Remediation Process


Upload documents info chosen technology platform
Johnson Hana
Collate & Upload Documents
Stage 1

Gather all contracts to be analysed before uploading or scanning to chosen technology.

Stage 2

Within the technology platform, data is extracted and verified using:

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

This then goes to the Data Processing team for verification and labelling.


Data Repository is ready for review
Johnson Hana
Data Repository

The Johnson Hana team would have access to all applicable contracts in one centralized location, their key clauses identified and the ability to comment, share and amend any terms within.


Review Documents
Johnson Hana
Two stage review
Stage 1

Our consultant conduct an initial assessment of all relevant contacts and data protection agreements to identify whether data is transferred outside EU.

Stage 2

Where data is transferred outside the EU, analysis is carried out to determine the existing safe transfer mechanism being relied upon.


Decide on approach for each similar
Johnson Hana / Client

Johnson Hana will work with you to agree on the best approach for each relevant transfer, including:

  • Evaluation of transfers, determination on transfers requiring amendment;
  • Categorisation of contracts for amendment and prioritisation of negotiations;
  • Any other amendments to be sought; and
  • Counterparty and stakeholder engagement plan.


Remediate contracts
Johnson Hana / Client

Johnson Hana's consultants will draft all necessary documentation to effect the agreed amendments and will engage with the transfer counterparts to negotiate the amendments.


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