In our recent webinar on the New SCCs and their alternatives, we conducted three polls of the attendees. These sought to find out:

  1. 1. What stage of the process they were at;
  2. 2. What transfer mechanism organisations are currently relying on for cross-border data transfers. And;
  3. 3. Whether (if it is implemented) organisations will use a new Privacy Shield for U.S. data transfers.

These polls can be found at time-stamps: 07:15, 39:40, and 41:30 in the video below:


The panel included:

  • Áine Lyons, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, at VMWare;
  • Hugh Murphy, Legal Director – Brands & Privacy, at Kellogg’s Europe; and
  • Sinead Garnett, Managing Director of Legal Operations & Solutions at Johnson Hana

And the webinar was moderated by Sarah Irwin, Head of Legal at Tines, and Founder of Irish Tech General Counsel (ITGC).

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