At Johnson Hana, we’re aware that we’re seen, by some, as disruptive.

We don’t think this is a bad thing, we’re proud of it.

So proud, in fact, that we’re making it the centre of our new campaign.

Understanding the balance of risk

As is the case for both us and traditional law firms, our clients are other lawyers: in-house lawyers, general counsels, chief compliance officers, et cetera.

And, as lawyers, we are an innately risk-averse group. The consequence of that risk-aversion reflex is that a disruptive element can be perceived as a risky partner, regardless of whether (as is true in our case) the factors that make us disruptive are that we are able to provide higher quality services at a lower cost.

Therefore, we are putting the focus of our campaign on the other, less discussed, side of the risk equation: the potential consequences of inaction.

Yielding the advantage to competitors

The principal risk of inaction, of not utilising the services of an Alternative Legal Solution Provider (ALSP), is that you forgo the benefits that would otherwise have been realised.

However, this is not a decision taken in isolation. Your competitors are also each facing the same decisions. Therefore, when viewed in the context of the market overall, the risk of inaction isn’t simply forgoing the gains.

If your competitors are seizing that opportunity, if they are lowering their costs, and improving the quality and reliability of their work – and you aren’t – in relative terms, you’re going backwards.

We’ve transformed legal services

So how, exactly, have we transformed legal services?

In Ireland, we’ve transformed legal services by introducing the ALSP model. It’s widely adopted overseas (over 71% of corporations in the U.S. use ALSPs, for example).

And the reason the ALSP model is so revolutionary is because it leaves all of the legal advice to traditional law firms.

Instead, we do the work that they’re not suited to: the legal process work, the project management, the use of technology, the transparency of costs and forecasts.

Solicitors aren’t great project managers, and that’s ok, they don’t need to be. But we are.

That’s why and how we can give our clients a level of insight they can’t get elsewhere. We can provide them with dashboards and reports that show exactly what’s going on. We can provide itemised costings to the most granular detail, and provide dynamic cost forecasts that can update as projects change in scope.

Don’t get left behind

As we’ve already mentioned, in both a global and local context, this transformation of legal services is already well underway.

As we’re Ireland’s only dedicated ALSP, it is Johnson Hana that multinational companies are using. Not only that, the last couple of years have seen us be frameworked by some of Ireland’s largest state bodies and other key public sector agencies.

In other words, our clients are your competitors. Don’t get left behind.