At Johnson Hana we have a mantra:

“Talent is our community, not a commodity.”

We have it printed on our walls to demonstrate our commitment to our people.

But it is how we embrace the philosophy that really matters.

Consultant Training evenings at Johnson Hana

On the Thursday before last (23rd November) we held a training event for our consultants to learn more about DSARs. Training was given by Legal Solutions Director, Chris Murnane; Senior Project Manager, Tanya Kidney; eDiscovery Manager, Kaleb Honer; with introductions from Client Relationship Manager, Sean O’Reilly.

From left to right: Kaleb, Sean, Lee Morrissey [Chief Delivery Officer], Tanya, Chris.

The event was a resounding success, with some great feedback from the consultants in attendance.

As the second training event we have hosted in the office, it will mark a significant ramping up in the frequency of our consultant training events.

Our inaugural consultant training event, hosted on the 28th June, was on the implications of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and was hosted by Legal Solutions Director, Keith Blizzard. Similarly, the event was informative and well received by our consultants in attendance.

These consultant training events play a key role in the development of our consultant community, and providing ongoing learning and development to our network demonstrates our commitment to mutual growth,

Each of these sessions also give our consultant community the opportunity to network and to meet the Johnson Hana internal team, as well as other Johnson Hana consultants. These in-person events therefore offer a great opportunity to meet up with the team in-person, as many of our consultants work remotely.

Johnson Hana Presidents’ Club

This Thursday (7th December) we will be welcoming a select group of Johnson Hana consultants to our exclusive Johnson Hana Presidents’ Club at a lunch event.

The event will be hosted to celebrate our top performing consultants, and to recognise the role their dedication and exceptional contributions have played in our success.

Members of the exclusive club will be invited to twice-yearly exclusive dinners, where they will have the opportunity to network with fellow Presidents’ Club members, as well as the Johnson Hana leadership.

How to become a Johnson Hana Consultant

At Johnson Hana, we’re proud of our consultant network, that’s why we call it our community.

We know that if we treat our consultants with the respect they deserve, giving them opportunities to do great work, while keeping a good work-life balance, not only will they benefit, but our clients will to.

After all, as we said proudly in our recent advertising campaign, happy lawyers are better lawyers.

If you would like to join Johnson Hana as a consultant, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by completing the form on our contact page: and one of our Consultant Management team will arrange a call at a time that suits you.

About Johnson Hana

Johnson Hana is Ireland’s leading alternative legal solutions provider. That means we disaggregate legal advisory and legal process work and focus on the latter.

We offer:

Legal Process Outsourcing – whereby a specific legal process is carved out and outsourced to us

Legal Process Secondments – to augment a busy legal team or fulfil a temporary requirement for an experienced legal professional.

Historically, legal advisory and legal process work were tackled and billed in the same way. This means that all legal work has been as costly and time consuming as legal advice.

It doesn’t need to be.

We deliver legal process work through a combination of innovative legal technologies, robust project management methodologies, and expert lawyers. This approach reduces client legal spend by over 50%, while also providing totally transparent reporting and billing. This leaves our clients free to focus on the strategic, advisory work that really adds value.

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