Ergo and Johnson Hana bring together IT and legal expertise to develop the ‘DORA Readiness Assessment Methodology’. Businesses operating in the financial sector must be DORA compliant by January 2025. A new EU Regulation aims to increase the resilience of the European financial market and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Frazer, Lee, Dan and Stephen pose for photo sitting on a sofa

(L-R) Frazer Furlong, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Ergo, Lee Morrissey, Chief Delivery Officer, Johnson Hana , Dan Fox, CEO, Johnson Hana and Steve Blanche, CTO Ergo

Ergo, Ireland’s largest indigenous IT services provider, and Johnson Hana, the fastest growing alternative legal service globally, today announced a strategic partnership to support organizations in the financial sectors for compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). 

DORA is an EU Regulation that aims to increase the resilience of the European financial market and reduce the risk of serious breaches that could adversely impact the stability of the EU’s financial institutions, as well as the customers they serve. Businesses operating in the financial sector must be DORA compliant by January 2025, or risk hefty fines. 

To ensure businesses are DORA ready, Ergo and Johnson Hana have developed an innovative software-based tool called the DORA Readiness Assessment Methodology, that will assess the compliance readiness of an organisation as well as its important third-party service providers. This methodology allows businesses to determine which areas need focus, improvement or strengthening to meet DORA compliance. Following a discovery and analysis process, the tool presents findings to the organisation, through an accessible, user-friendly dashboard. It also serves as an ongoing governance monitor of potential shortfalls within the organisation as well as with third-party suppliers.  

The assessment methodology brings together the technical prowess of Ergo with the legal expertise of Johnson Hana to ensure businesses operating in the financial sector have the best possible guidance.  

Ergo and Johnson Hana have designed the DORA Readiness Assessment Methodology to ensure it is scalable to the size and scope of every financial institution and that it provides bespoke recommendations tailored to every business’s unique composition. 

Speaking on the launch of the DORA Readiness Assessment Methodology, Steve Blanche, Chief Technical Officer for Ergo said:  

We are delighted to collaborate with Johnson Hana on this DORA assessment tool. Successful DORA implementation requires a deep understanding of both the technology landscape and the financial services sector. Not every financial service company will have the same burden – it is necessary for organisations to understand their own distinctive needs and requirements under DORA.

For 30 years, Ergo has been bridging the disciplines by providing IT services to leading players in banking, insurance, aircraft leasing, asset management and investment funds, ensuring that CIOs can rise to the challenge of client, regulator and legislative demands in this sector. We look forward to getting businesses DORA ready.” 

Lee Morrissey from Johnson Hana standing in office

Lee Morrissey, Chief Delivery Officer for Johnson Hana said:

“At Johnson Hana our mission is to make the lives of lawyers and legal leaders better and happier! It is essential that relevant organisations are DORA ready and we have the legal expertise to support with this regulatory update. We were delighted, therefore, to partner with Ergo on this important project as we launch the official Johnson Hana partner programme, this is a super first step!” 

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