Johnson Hana provides a wide range of Managed Legal Solutions to our clients, enabling busy in-house functions to save time and money through scalable and repeatable process design and implementation.

One of the ways we do this is by offering a variety of technology solutions to both our clients and our consultants.

We continually evaluate new and innovative technologies within the legal sector, ensuring Johnson Hana are best positioned to assist our clients in the adoption of new solutions.

Technology tailored to clients’ requirements

Prior to starting a project, we work directly with in-house legal to establish their project requirements and determine the right technology solution for them.

While each project has its own peculiarities in relation to areas of law, timelines and scope, we provide a truly holistic methodology which utilises experienced legal professionals and proven project management practices, combined with leading technology to provide a best-in-class service.

Throughout the project, we continue to work closely with in-house legal departments, actively trying to make their lives easier.

We do this by streamlining and simplifying their involvement and delivering tangible benefits including; overall project transparency, ease of reporting and client approval, evaluating and monitoring security concerns etc.

It is key to Johnson Hana that we design and deliver a framework that creates economies of scale, while providing measurable operational efficiencies.

Legal technology training

We work to ensure smooth adoption of new systems by offering training to all in-house legal across every platform currently being used by Johnson Hana.

In addition to this, there is always a member of the Johnson Hana team available to provide further training or assistance throughout the project.

We are also keen to remain system agnostic and are happy to use clients’ existing technology, as this ensures that technology implementation never becomes a burden on the project.

Managing large data volume projects

Where large volume work needs to be completed, we deploy issue tracking software to allow for ease of monitoring and traceability of tasks.

On these large volume data projects, we use features such as:

  1. the ability to design customised workflows;
  2. assign cross-organisational action owners; and,
  3. build tailor-made reporting tools.

These features provide us with the platform to successfully deliver all aspects of the project in a transparent and effective manner.

Again, this focus helps us to leverage technology to improve the lives of time-poor in-house legal, freeing them to dedicate their time to higher-value tasks.

What do our clients say?

We’ll give the final word here to one of our clients, as client feedback is the barometer we use to gauge the success of projects.

‘The IT solution provided has been core to the success of the project to date. It is user friendly, allows for direct communication between the Coillte and Johnson Hana teams and is a one stop source of all information related to the project across title documents, maps and queries, the value of which will continue to be seen long after this project completes.’

– Deirdre Coleman, Coillte