Find your happy with Johnson Hana billboard

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard our campaign.

We went big with this one. Billboards all over Dublin, radio ads across the country, and our video, shared far and wide locally and internationally.

So, as well as showing you those videos again, we wanted to share why we’re doing it.


That’s the campaign video. And it’s familiar, isn’t it?

No, not just because you’ve seen it every day for the past few weeks on LinkedIn. But because you recognise it. Another late night. Another missed bedtime. Another takeaway pizza. You’ve been there. Maybe you are there?

And that’s why you’re here. You know there must be a better way.

You’re surrounded by people who are all doing the same thing as you are, so you’ve accepted it. But it doesn’t justify it. Suddenly it feels, I don’t know, maybe a little like a cult?

You’re here so we can reassure you. There is a better way. A way to take control.

Johnson Hana offers our consultants a genuine alternative.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what our consultants have to say about working with us here:

Michelle Kelly Consultant Spotlight
Sarah Treacy - Consultant Spotlight Series
Gerardine Stack Consultant Spotlight
Consultant Spotlight - Jamie O'Gorman

And that’s why we’re talking about it. Because it is our mission to make the legal world work better, for everyone.

So we thought we’d plaster that call to action (call to arms?) all over Dublin.

The feedback has been fantastic. People have been — quite literally — stopping us in the street.

Enquiries have been flooding in from people wanting to know more. Both from people wanting to join Johnson Hana as consultants and from prospective clients wanting to hear more about how we can help their teams that are stretched too thin.

What that says to us (aside from being reassuring that the campaign was worth running) is that the legal sector in Ireland is absolutely ripe for disruption. It’s the apple ready for picking from the tree.

We already knew, but this has confirmed, that the legal world is ready for transformation, and that it’s already well underway.

So, if you haven’t already, find your happy, with Johnson Hana. Legal just got liberated.

About Johnson Hana

Johnson Hana is Ireland’s leading alternative legal solutions provider. That means we disaggregate legal advisory and legal process work and focus on the latter.

We offer:

Legal Process Outsourcing – whereby a specific legal process is carved out and outsourced to us

Legal Process Secondments – to augment a busy legal team or fulfil a temporary requirement for an experienced legal professional.

Historically, legal advisory and legal process work were tackled and billed in the same way. This means that all legal work has been as costly and time consuming as legal advice.

It doesn’t need to be.

We deliver legal process work through a combination of innovative legal technologies, robust project management methodologies, and expert lawyers. This approach reduces client legal spend by over 50%, while also providing totally transparent reporting and billing. This leaves our clients free to focus on the strategic, advisory work that really adds value.

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