Gareth Lambe has joined Johnson Hana as a strategic advisor. He will also become a shareholder in the company.

Gareth Lambe joins Johnson Hana

Gareth is perhaps best known as the former head of Meta Ireland where he worked for eleven years, also holding the position of  Vice President of International Business Planning and Operations at the company. Gareth was responsible for scaling revenue and driving the strategy and operations for the Facebook sales team. Meta’s employee base grew from 300 to 3,000 during his tenure, with an additional 6,000 people supporting its Irish services.

His expertise in guiding Meta through this phase of their growth will be invaluable for Johnson Hana as it scales its operations.

Gareth also spent six years with the American Chamber of Commerce, sitting on the board as well as taking on the role of President in 2021. Prior to joining Meta, Gareth was a director of PayPal, was part of the start–up team with, and worked in brand marketing with Pernod Ricard.

Commenting on the announcement Gareth said:

“I am excited by the possibility of scaling the Johnson Hana model to meet the needs of both domestic and multinational clients. The legal needs of multinational clients largely ignore jurisdictions and are common across all sectors. Johnson Hana’s talent model, as well its insightful use of data, has already proven to be a compelling proposition for some of the biggest and best companies in the world and there is considerable potential to grow that reach further.”

Dan Fox, CEO and Co-Founder of Johnson Hana said:

“We’re at an exciting time for Johnson Hana. We’re expanding our already impressive client roster across a range of industries, including technology. So having Gareth’s input on how to most effectively communicate our services to our clients and prospective clients will help us to accelerate that growth.”

The announcement of Gareth joining Johnson Hana was reported in The Currency this morning:

Is Johnson Hana trying to take work from traditional law firms? “It is not competing with big firms on advisory, which is a huge part of what they do,” Lambe said. “It is very specialised, process, non-bespoke work like commercial contracting, data request work etc. I think big firms might see Johnson Hana as a threat as it might move into advisory but that is categorically not the plan. Forward-looking firms will see Johnson Hana as a potential partner, not a threat.”

Lambe said artificial intelligence was something Johnson Hana was embracing, not fearing. “It is a tailwind not a headwind to the business,” Lambe said. “Johnson Hana is already using AI technology. They are probably ahead of many legacy law firms. AI is something we are going to lean into more.”

Read the full article in The Currency here:

About Johnson Hana

Johnson Hana is Ireland’s leading alternative legal solutions provider. That means we disaggregate legal advisory and legal process work, and focus on the latter.

We offer:

Legal Process Outsourcing – whereby a specific legal process is carved out and outsourced to us

Legal Process Secondments – to augment a busy legal team or fulfil a temporary requirement for an experienced legal professional.

Historically, legal advisory and legal process work were tackled and billed in the same way. This means that all legal work has been as costly and time consuming as legal advice.

It doesn’t need to be.

We deliver legal process work through a combination of innovative legal technologies, robust project management methodologies, and expert lawyers. This approach reduces client legal spend by over 50%, while also providing totally transparent reporting and billing. This leaves our clients free to focus on the strategic, advisory work that really adds value.

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